A large Red Liberal Sign above a door, Many smiling people young & old with Pirie wearing red Pirie shirts
Pirie and many Pirie supporters ready to go!

Pirie Mitchell is the enthusiastic Liberal candidate for the federal riding of Perth-Wellington.

Born and raised in Montreal, Pirie came to London as a young man to run the Memorial Boys’ Club. He is well-known in the local area from his varied work experience, which includes: hosting a children's program on CFPL-TV in London; teaching special education students with the Thames Valley District School Board; and ministering to United Church congregations in St. Marys, Stratford, and Palmerston. Pirie and his wife Ruth are residents of St. Marys, and are parents and grandparents of five children and three grandchildren.

As a former town councillor in Parkhill Ontario, Pirie has political experience at the municipal level and is passionate about working for the betterment of his community. He helped establish the London Convention Centre, and was an early supporter of the Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice. Pirie was a member of Stratford's Housing Committee looking for housing solutions for homeless people, and a co-organizer of St. Marys' Community Dinners. Pirie's life's work has been focused on helping people in need. He knows that public service is about addressing tough challenges, and he is committed to continuing his work serving the citizens of Perth-Wellington at the federal level.

Pirie Mitchell believes that public service is about helping to create a better country for his community's children and grandchildren. Pirie will work together with other Members of Parliament to improve the environment, reduce the cost of living, strengthen social services, and build a stronger middle class and a better future for everyone in Perth-Wellington.

Perth-Wellington needs a strong voice in Ottawa. Pirie Mitchell wants to be that voice for you.